Show your appreciation for the walkers, rollers, volunteers and/or sponsors at the event by giving them a certificate of participation. Two designs are currently available, each as a Word template that you can print and use as-is or modify to include the name of the person, class or group that you want to recognize.

Walk & Roll to School Day

Bike & Roll to School Day

To customize the certificate before printing, click in the rectangular text box, and type and format your desired text.

Frequent Walker/Roller Punchcard

As an incentive for children to walk or ride to school regularly, offer punch cards to attach to back packs or keep in notebooks. On randomly selected days, punch the cards of those who made an active trip to school. When students’ cards are fully punched, reward them with a small prize such as a pencil, balloon or gift certificate. Provide kids who cannot walk or roll TO school time to earn punches by walking or rolling AT school, such as during recess or before class starts.