How to Plan

Mother and kids on bicycles

Alexandria, VA

Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day events can be simple or elaborate. A school might start with hosting a big event, and then move to a low-key celebration over time as students become more accustomed to walking and rolling on a regular basis. Another school might start simple and then build efforts in subsequent years. Read on to learn more about planning the event.

First Time Tips

Celebrating Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day for the first time? Read through these tips from event organizers to help jump start your planning.

Getting Started Guide

Use this guide to help make your ideas reality. Follow these steps for a complete guide on planning and holding an event.

Plan an Event in 7 Days

Many successful events were started with little time to spare. An event can be simple. In fact, it’s possible to plan a Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day event in one week.

Safety First

Safety is a priority for any Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day event. Here you’ll find a guide for emphasizing safety when planning a route as well as specific tips for pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Access for All Students

Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day events are open to all. Read through this guide to plan for an accessible event for all who wish to participate.