Vision Zero for Youth Webinar Series

Vision Zero for Youth encourages cities to prioritize road safety in places where children walk, bike and roll. Often, Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day is the first action communities take to bring attention to safe walking and rolling to school. Starting with youth can be the catalyst to build support for community-wide safety improvements that benefit everyone. With strong community support for safety, a growing number of cities are committing to Vision Zero; a commitment to ending traffic deaths and serious injuries on its roads.

Find out how your event can be a powerful catalyst for improving safety for people walking and rolling throughout your community through this webinar series designed for Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day event organizers.

Past Webinars

Webinar 1
Going Big: Using Walk to School Day to Advance Road Safety for Everyone

August 22, 2019, 4 pm – 5 pm EDT

Learn how Walk to School Day and Vision Zero can join together to lead an entire community towards creating safer places for walking, biking and driving. Each October Walk to School Day events are energizing and get students, families, community leaders and school officials excited about the benefits and possibilities of safe walking and biking to school. Vision Zero is being used by communities across the country to commit to zero traffic deaths and serious injuries. Already, half of surveyed Walk to School Day organizers said their events lead to policy and engineering changes that improve the safety of walking and biking for students throughout the school year. This can spark change to make it safer for the entire community. Hear concrete action steps for how you can start or join action in your community and what applying a “Vision Zero for Youth” approach looks like. 

Two presentations will be followed by time for questions and discussion.

Participant certificate for one contact hour will be available for registered participants.  



Webinar 2
Slowing Down Traffic Near Your School

September 10, 2019, 3 pm – 4 pm EDT

Fast moving traffic around schools and neighborhoods prevents students from walking to school in some places. Nationwide, there’s growing recognition of the need to slow down traffic and prioritize safety through Vision Zero and other commitments to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries.  However, in many places, efforts to lower speeds or control speeding can be met with public pushback or struggle to gain political support. Starting in school zones or areas where children frequently walk and bike may provide the support communities need to address road safety. Hear about ways to slow speeds around schools and examples of what communities have accomplished in making walking and biking to school safer. 


Webinar 3
Youth as Leaders in Improving Walking and Biking Safety

September 24, 2019, 4 pm – 5 pm EDT

Through Vision Zero for Youth and events like Walk and Bike to School Day, communities come together to create safer places for youth to walk and bike. These efforts also provide an opportunity for youth in to take the lead in promoting safety near their schools and in their neighborhoods. Learn about the role of youth as agents of change from youth leaders who have been engaged in improving their environment for walking and biking and from organizations that work to empower youth as leaders in their communities.