Mileage Tracking

Students writing their during National Bike to School day in Nags Head, North Carolina.

Nags Head, NC

One way to include all students—even those who don’t have a safe route to school—is to have students log the miles that they walk, bike or roll outside school. There are many ways to track the walking and rolling trips that students make. For instance, students can punch holes in their own personal frequent walker/roller cards, or they can place stickers on a calendar for every trip they make.

Providing a way for students to track the miles that they have walked or rolled is a tangible way to chart progress toward a walking or biking goal and to build excitement and cooperation among students. Different classes or different grades can compete to accumulate the most miles.  Or, all students in the school can work as a team to accumulate miles toward a common goal, such as “Walking and Bicycling Across the United States.” Find more information and examples in the Safe Routes to School Guide.

Do you want to start a program in your community? Download a Mileage Log template:

BRTSD_MileageLog.pdf [.pdf]