Electric bikes for middle and high school students 

A child wearing a backpack riding an ebike at a stop sign.

Source: Meg Ramey

E-bikes are growing in popularity and can be a valuable way to reduce vehicle congestion around a school. For communities with hills that can discourage even motivated bicyclists, e-bikes can be a game changer.  E-bikes are often classified into a three-tier system based on whether the motor is used only when pedaling and the top assisted speed. The Consumer Product Safety Commission does not recommend children under the age of 13 operate motorized wheeled vehicles (like e-bikes) that can travel faster than 10 mph. Families should carefully consider whether an electric bike is right for their student’s abilities and needs.  

Some states have age restrictions and limitations on where e-bikes can be ridden. Check out your state’s e-bike laws collected by People for Bikes. 

The following resources offer safety information that can inform decisions by program organizers, parents, schools and students about the “who, when, where” of e-bike use.