Changes to the Environment

Children walk bikes across crosswalk.

Littleton, NH

Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day events give communities an opportunity to see where changes could be made that would make the walk or ride to school safer or more welcoming. Changes to streets, sidewalks or trails may make walking or rolling an everyday option beyond the event, so children can enjoy an active trip to school year round. Below are some guides to getting the community involved in supporting design changes to improve the route to school.

A Place It! Guide to Safe Routes to Schools

This guide will equip you with the tools to engage students, families and staff of all backgrounds in imagining, designing and building more walkable and roll-able routes to school.

A Residents Guide for Creating Safer Communities for Walking and Biking

It takes the commitment and involvement of many people to build and maintain places that are safe and friendly for walking and rolling. This guide is designed to be used by anyone looking for ways to improve the safety and comfort of their neighborhood streets, whether they are just beginning to learn about traffic safety or are already part of an established community safety or advocacy group.

Creating Safer Streets Starting Where Youth Walk and Bike

Cities of all sizes are committing to eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries, often as part of Vision Zero initiatives. A growing number are focusing on improving safety for youth with the goal of building safer, healthier communities for everyone.