Keep Going! Walk & Bike Year-Round

An annual event is a great start, but it often grows into more frequent events due to the enthusiasm that walk and bike to school events can inspire. Browse ideas on how to maintain the momentum for walking and biking to school and how to involve the community in permanent change.

Ongoing Activities

In the end, walk and bike to school events are about changing community culture. In the process, they build an environment that's more inviting for every walker and bicyclist, young or old. Learn more about how to sustain interest in walking and biking to school through ongoing activities and curricula.

Pedestrian Safety

Safety is key. Make sure that students learn and practice essential pedestrian safety skills.

Bike Safety

Teaching students safe biking skills is an essential part of starting a bicycling program. Bike safety information can be taught at school, or resources can be sent home with students to practice skills with their families.

Find Local Know-How

Registered resources are organizations or individuals who can donate time, expertise, goods and services and more. If you need assistance with your event, search resources in your area.

Ask the Insider

If you’ve got a question, chances are good that somebody’s got an answer. Read the answers to frequently asked questions, and if you don’t find the information you’re looking for, submit a question to get an answer from an insider!