Success Stories

Schools and communities are having success with Walk and Bike to School Day events of all sizes. Below are a few success stories that event coordinators have shared. If you have a successful event, tell us about it!

A lesson plan was created to highlight safety concerns and a walkability survey was conducted and presented to City and County officials.

Along with the 300 students walking to school, we had over 50 parents, staff, bus drivers and district administrators help with this event. The bus riders in grades 1-5 (with permission) were dropped off about 1/2 mile from school so they could participate in the event.

Because only three families live within one mile of school, our event was primarily a bike event. We added a park and walk from City Hall about 1/2 mile from school for those who could not bike. About 1/3 of our participants joined the walk. The rest participated in one of 6 biking school buses or biked with friends.

Golden shoe awards were given out to a class from each grade with the most participation.

Here at Beech Springs we spent the week of October 5-9 participating in a walk at school program in our physical education classes. Individual classes discussed pedestrian, parking lot and bus-stop safety.

It was a wonderful one-mile walk to the park and back. Law enforcement officers were watching over us while students practiced their new pedestrian safety skills as they crossed the street.

Many students are asking their parents if they can walk or ride to school more as a result of our first event!

Our event was a huge success. We had all of our students and all of our staff walking. It was awesome. It rained but everyone seemed to enjoy the walk. One student described the walk as relaxing and said it was nice to be able to talk to her friends without the noisiness of the bus.

Our event began with a proclamation from the mayor. We were joined by the superintendent and other community members.