Involving Law Enforcement

I got to walk with my grandpa. He is the Chief of Police and knows everything.
– Pre-K student, Colorado

Just as public officials can identify needed sidewalks, law enforcement officers can identify safety behavior needs. Law enforcement is a key partner for sending a message of safety for motorists, walkers and bicyclists. If needed, ask local law enforcement officers for their assistance in controlling traffic on the route. Include them in planning meetings so they can provide advice on route selection.

Ways that law enforcement officers and departments have helped with walking and bicycling events include:

  • Assisting with traffic enforcement campaigns to address driver behaviors, such as speeding or failure to yield to pedestrians.
  • Escorting walking and biking parades to school.
  • Acting as crossing guards to help student pedestrians and bicyclists safely travel to school.
  • Greeting students as they arrive at school.
  • Teaching students pedestrian and bicycle safety skills before or at the event.
  • Speaking at the event:
    • To remind students how to safely walk and bike.
    • To remind parents how to drive safely around young pedestrians and bicyclists.

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