Too Far to Walk or Bike?

Even if many students live too far to walk or bike from home, they can still be part of a great Walk to School Day or Bike to School Day celebration. In an effort to include everyone, many event organizers offer options for bus riders and parent-driven students.  Learn more about options for students who live too far to walk or bike from home, such as designated starting points and walk or bike AT school .  

You can also offer students the option to track all the miles they walk or bike outside of or during school hours to earn prizes and work toward a school-wide goal. Read more about mileage logs.

Our event includes a "Bonus Miles" program; students can log any physical activity to count as "mileage" in our school-based contest. I created a 2-week log for students to record their trips to school or bus stop, as well as their bonus miles. The bonus program is a necessary addition because we are a magnet school system and lots of our kids live too far from school to safely walk/bike.
– Event organizer, North Carolina

 Many of our families live too far away to safely walk and bike to school. We encourage participation by offering volunteers stationed at designated sites where families can meet to walk/ride together to school every Wednesday. This year we are using a punch card to keep track of participation and award incentives. Many of our staff walk or ride and we try to model this transportation choice for our children as parents.
– Event organizer, Colorado