Event Ideas

Event organizers have been very creative in planning walk and bike to school day activities. These events are great fun for children and adults, and have helped bring communities together to support walking and bicycling.

Walk and bike events come in all sizes. Make the event something that will resonate with what families, the school and broader community care about, whether it’s encouraging physical activity, building a sense of community, highlighting the need for sidewalks or another cause.  Browse these ideas to help you plan your event.

50 Event Ideas

Are you looking to spice up your event? Here is a list of more than 50 activities that might be right for it.

Walking School Buses and Bicycle Trains

Walking school buses (WSBs) are groups of children who walk designated routes to school under adult supervision, sometimes picking up kids along the way just like a bus. Bicycle trains provide a fun and safe way for students to bike together in a group. Try this for your event and see if there is parent interest to  keep it going on a regular basis.

Designated starting points

Instead of walking or riding from home, offer one or more remote starting points. Students, families and guests might just use the designated starting point as a parking area and walk individually, or head to the school all together.

Walk AT School

Use the school campus to encourage and celebrate the benefits of walking.

Classroom Activities & Handouts

Find a fun activity appropriate for integration into the classroom or a pedestrian and bicycle safety handout for kids or parents.

Too Far to Walk or Bike

Even if students live too far away to walk or bike to school, they can still be included in your event.

Walkability and Bikeability Checklists

Plan to have participants complete walkability and bikeability checklists on the day of the event to identify any potential issues along their route to school.